What is a Panometer?

Discover the largest 360° panoramas worldwide with an area of up to 3,500 m² at Leipzig and Dresden Panometers. Since 2003, artist Yadegar Asisi has been creating unique panoramas and presenting them in former gasometers.

The term “Panometer” is composed of PANOrama and gasoMETER. Quite a difference from the many other museums in Dresden and Leipzig. These gas storage tanks in both cities were built during the 19th century and were completely converted for the panorama exhibitions. This is a perfect example of how industrial monuments can be sustainably used today.

Over the past years, both panometers have become established tourist attractions in Leipzig and Dresden providing unique insights to visitors about far-away worlds or past times through 360° panoramas.

Just imagine: You are standing on a 15-metre high platform and are enjoying a realistic view of the panorama. This rises to 32 m high and has been created on a 1:1 scale. Matching background noises, musical contributions and light simulations will take you directly to the world of the particular Panorama.

Complementing the Panometer experience are award-winning companion exhibitions and film contributions.

Come and find out for yourself! We look forward to your visit.