What is a Panometer?

Since 2003, the Panometer Leipzig has served as an exhibition location for 360°-panoramas by the artist Yadegar Asisi.
The term "Panometer" is a coinage from the words PANOrama and GasoMETER. This already marks a difference to many other museums, because a former gas storage tank from the 20th century was completely converted for the panorama exhibitions.

The Panometer Leipzig is located in Leipzig's Südvorstadt - only a few minutes' drive from the of the Battle of the Nations Monument.
You can reach the exhibition by local public transport, including bus, tram and S-Bahn. A sufficient number of free parking spaces for visitors are also available.

Inside the building, the dimensions of an Asisi panorama unfold in a unique way. On a panoramic surface of 3,500 m², historical city views and exotic landscapes come to life. Thematic background sounds, music and light simulations take you directly into the respective panorama theme and simulate a 15-minute day and night rhythm in the 360° installation. The 32-metre-high panorama can be viewed either from ground level or from a 15-metre-high platform that can be reached via stairs. Each Asisi Panorama is accompanied by an exhibition and a concluding film. The average visit takes about 1.5 hours.

In recent years, the Panometer Leipzig has become an established attraction in Leipzig and shows how industrial monuments can be used successfully and sustainably in the present.

Come and find out for yourself! We look forward to your visit.