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Until start of January 2019

The Promise of Modernity

Discover the TITANIC in a unique 360° Panorama by Yadegar Asisi. The 32 m high Panorama provides visitors with a unique and rare view of the bottom of the Atlantic at approx. 4,000 metres depth and shows the wreck of the RMS Titanic on a Panorama area of 3,500 square metre.

The Panorama focuses less on the actual ship tragedy from 1912 but instead illustrates the limits of human achievement versus the forces of nature. From a 15 m high visitor’s tower, the artist provides a view of the wreck on the ocean floor using an artificial light show at a water depth with no natural light.


Outlook 2019

CAROLA'S GARDEN from end of January 2019

This panorama takes you on a journey to the foreign world of the microcosmos. Look out on a Leipzig garden from the pistil of a chamomile blossom. From the perspective of a grain of pollen, you can observe a giant bee as it pollinates the flower and discover the universe behind a flower calyx. A familiar world will unfold before your eyes in a completely new way, as if under a gigantic microscope. But unlike in a laboratory, it is the world around you that is depicted to be one hundred times its real size.

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Behind the scenes

Yadegar Asisi and his team

Since 2003, the artist Yadegar Asisi, who grew up in Saxony and lives in Berlin, has been creating the largest 360° Panoramas in the world, measuring up to 32 metres in height with a circumference of up to 110 metres. Since the launch of the EVEREST pilot project in a former gasometer in Leipzig, Yadegar Asisi’s work has spread to exhibition halls across many cities in Germany and abroad.

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