Offers & Promotions at the Panometer Leipzig

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Looking for tracks


from EUR 11.00 per person in student groups (from 10 students)
One accompanying adult free of charge per 10 students.

Each extra accompanying adult EUR 24.00 per person
from EUR 20.00 per person for adult groups (from 20 persons)


Admission to Leipzig Panometer
Admission to Leipzig Zoo

Reservation and payment:

Leipzig Panometer

T +49 341 355534 0

Student and adult groups

Panorama visit and excursion to the Leipzig Zoo

Look for tracks in Leipzig. Dive into Yadegar Asisi’s 360° Panorama TITANIC, then  enjoy an unforgettable day at one of the most modern zoos in the world. Explore nature at Leipzig Zoo with its Gondwanaland Tropical Discovery Hall, Pongoland or the continents of Africa, Asia and South America.