Guided tours at Panometer Dresden

Whether as an individual or a group with family and friends - discover our Panoramas on a tour and dive even deeper into the accompanying exhibition and the Panorama.

to be agreed

max. 20 students per tour

45 minutes
(recommended period of stay: 1.5 hours)

EUR 30.00 per tour in German
EUR 40.00 per tour in a foreign language

German, English
Other languages on request

via our visitors’ service
T +49 (0)341 35 55 34-0

School classes and youth groups

Customised young people’s tours - 45 minutes

Seeing, marvelling and understanding - these foundations of active learning will be communicated during an age-specific tour of the accompanying exhibition of the DRESDEN 1945 panorama and the darkest chapter of the city’s history. The panorama using links to various disciplines to visualise classroom topics, making the subject even more vivid. The tours for students are designed according to age and adapted to the respective grade level.