Panometer Leipzig open daily from 9th April 2022

Covid-19 measures

In order to ensure a safe stay for all visitors and employees, we have developed our own safety and hygiene concept by considering the legal regulations.

Due to the persistently high incidence of Covid19 and to protect all guests and employees, we still recommend to wear medical masks in the Panometer Leipzig. This recommendation applies to all persons aged 6 and older.

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we would like to inform yourself about our current measures and to take them into account during your visit.

Thank you for your understanding!

Please consider following regulations:

  • Recommended wearing of a medical mask (surgical mask) for all visitors and staff over the age of 6
  • No admission for Covid19 patients, suspected Covid19 cases and their close contacts.
  • No admission for people with symptoms of a cold (cough, cold, sneeze)
  • Compliance to the visitor guidance system, which has a separate entrance and exit
  • Use of the disinfection facilities for visitors in the entrance area and in front of the sanitary facilities